About Jen

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My name is Jen Noricks.

I am a Social Worker. I mention this first because I find myself using my professional skills as I lead teams, counsel families, teach kids, and do all the other stuff you see below. I earned a BA in psychology from Olivet Nazarene University and an MSW (master of social work) from Wayne State University. I have experience in outpatient, medical, and residential settings. I have provided counseling and support services to children and adults, families and individuals. I am a licensed master social worker (LMSW) in the state of Michigan for both macro- and micro-practice. (Disclaimer: Social Workers are great at telling other people what to do, but – just like everyone else – we can get caught up in the emotion of a situation when it’s personal. We usually forget our tool bags at the office. Luckily, I work from home. Somehow, my tool bag still manages to go missing from time to time!)

I am the luckiest mom. I have a son and daughter, both in elementary school. For this season of my life, I’ve purposely chosen employment and volunteer work that’s compatible with my desire to be available to the kids as much as possible.


I am a blessed wife. My husband is a kind-hearted, gentle, supportive man who encourages me to pursue my dreams. I refer to him as my human bottle of Xanax.

I am committed to my church. We left a large church (and my paid position in the music department) because we felt called to help start a church in our neighborhood. I served for two years as the worship leader and pianist in our new church, where I helped to organize the band and equip other musicians to eventually move into positions of leadership. I’m now heading up the children’s ministry, planning weekly curriculum for nursery- and early elementary-aged students. I teach children’s Sunday School.

I am a professional musician. I teach private and group piano lessons. I sing and play the keyboard. I have many years of experience as a church musician, but I also play and sing at weddings and other special events.

I am a public speaker. I love to talk about parenting; teaching kids about God; Sunday school curriculum; personality tests; arbitration; growing the length of my hair; and anything else that encourages listeners to become their best selves. I incorporate humor, poignant personal stories, and (if desired) Scripture into my talks, while urging listeners toward personal growth. My talks are customized for each speaking engagement.

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