Raising Bright Children

I just read a fascinating article on Psychology Today‘s website called “The Trouble with Bright Girls.” I was pleased to see that they have published quite a few articles about bright children. Can’t wait to see¬†what else they have to say! Continue reading Raising Bright Children

Back-to-School Bedlam

The picture really says it all. Hubby started a new job on Tuesday, the same day that my 6-year-old started first grade. Two days later, my 3-year-old and I have just returned from an interview with her new preschool teacher. My work area is stacked high with school calendars, PTA reminders, and student handbooks. I haven’t read through any of those things yet because I’ve spent the last two days filling out emergency cards, photo releases, medical forms and parent surveys. Please do not think I am complaining for one second. (Well, maybe just one.) I am thankful that my … Continue reading Back-to-School Bedlam