Mom’s Secret Weapon for the Picky Eater: Pizza Dough | 5 Recipes

Last week on Foodie Friday, I shared my recipe for homemade pizza dough. I have discovered that my kids are much more inclined to try new foods if pizza dough is somehow involved. Here are five of my most favorite ideas. (Some of these recipes call for store-bought dough, but I recommend you save yourself some money and make one from scratch.) Stromboli My 6-year-old won’t eat a ham sandwich, but tell him you’re making stromboli for dinner and he will think he’s having a great treat! Preheat oven to 400°. Coat two 13″ x 18″ baking sheets with cooking … Continue reading Mom’s Secret Weapon for the Picky Eater: Pizza Dough | 5 Recipes

Back-to-School Bedlam

The picture really says it all. Hubby started a new job on Tuesday, the same day that my 6-year-old started first grade. Two days later, my 3-year-old and I have just returned from an interview with her new preschool teacher. My work area is stacked high with school calendars, PTA reminders, and student handbooks. I haven’t read through any of those things yet because I’ve spent the last two days filling out emergency cards, photo releases, medical forms and parent surveys. Please do not think I am complaining for one second. (Well, maybe just one.) I am thankful that my … Continue reading Back-to-School Bedlam

Jonesing for Some “Downton Abbey”? Try “Upstairs Downstairs”

Thank you, BBC! Thank you for “Upstairs Downstairs,” a slightly inferior – yet overall satisfying – stand-in between seasons of “Downton Abbey.” “Upstairs Downstairs” follows the comings and goings of Sir Hallam Holland, a young British diplomat, and his wife, … Continue reading Jonesing for Some “Downton Abbey”? Try “Upstairs Downstairs”

Easy Homemade Pizza Dough | for the handmade baker, the stand mixer maker, and the bread machine faker

I love making pizza at home. The first reason is simple and obvious: It’s DELICIOUS! The second reason: It’s way HEALTHIER than what you can get at most restaurants and pizza joints. Finally – the frugal frosting on my cost-effective cake – It’s CHEAP because you can use other leftovers as toppings. For example, I rummaged through the refrigerator for last night’s toppings and found: a half-jar of spaghetti sauce; two previously opened bags of shredded mozzarella cheese (how did that happen!?); and some sliced ham and a partial wedge of parmesan, both of which were close to expiring. Really, … Continue reading Easy Homemade Pizza Dough | for the handmade baker, the stand mixer maker, and the bread machine faker

Why Memorize Scripture? – The Thursday Think Tank

Earlier this week, I talked about a strategy for memorizing Scripture. Growing up, my family went to church several times per week. Studying and memorizing Scripture was highly valued in our faith community. As a teenager and young adult, I made a conscious decision to embrace the faith I had seen in my parents and other role models. Thus, the tradition of studying and memorizing Scripture became important to me personally. I have a friend who describes herself as “non-religious.” After seeing my earlier post, she asked a great question: What is the point of memorizing Scripture? As a kid … Continue reading Why Memorize Scripture? – The Thursday Think Tank

Scripture Memorization Strategy – Rhythm

As I type the next sentence, I predict that I’ll be hearing a little chant in my head. “Great is our Lord and mighty in power. His understanding has no limit.” Psalm 147:5 Yup. I heard the chant. That’s why I was able to type the verse from memory.  My Sunday school class of early elementary-aged students had a great time learning it this past week. As suggested by our curriculum (Early Elementary Teacher by WordAction Press), we put the verse into rhythm. You can do this with any verse that you are trying to commit to memory. Clap hands, … Continue reading Scripture Memorization Strategy – Rhythm

Impossible / Possible

“God laughs at impossibilities.” That was a statement made by our pastor during a sermon about eight years ago.  He was referring to the story in Genesis 18, where barren, post-menopausal Sarah had just been given a Divine message: She and her elderly husband would birth a son in the coming year. If that Divine message had to come to her via text, her reply probably would have read, “LOL!!!!”, for the Scripture tells us that she laughed when she heard the message (Genesis 18:12). Fast forward to present day. Here are some facts we know about Sarah: She did … Continue reading Impossible / Possible

Disney Vacation Countdown #1 (aka The Mouseka-Calendar!)

34 Days to Disney!  How do I know?  Because The Boy and I made a countdown!  He’s in Kindergarten now and this is the first year he’s really looked forward to vacation.  He just loves calendars so this was perfect for him. I had seen so many great ideas on Pinterest that involved using the Disney paint chips from Home Depot.  I was feeling a bit guilty about going in and swiping the chips, so I quickly scrapped that plan when I found something better (and easier on the conscience) at Michael’s.  (Good thing!  I’ve since discovered that Home Depot … Continue reading Disney Vacation Countdown #1 (aka The Mouseka-Calendar!)