Superhero VBS On A Budget: Emcee Script, The Mighty Multiplier

This is the second in a series of posts on DIY superhero VBS. The first post gave a detailed overview of the week. Below is the first of three Emcee scripts for the Opening each evening. You can also download and print the Emcee script pdf here.

I have tried to give credit for all printed and recorded artwork. The speaking parts have been written by me.

“The Mighty Multiplier” by Jen Noricks, LMSW


  • A podium
  • A magnet board/magnetic surface that’s a bit larger than your picture of Jesus (described below). Set the magnet board on stage near your podium.
  • A video or audio recording of “Jesus, You’re My Superhero” by Hillsong Kids
  • A kids’ video of Jesus feeding 5,000 people (There are several you can borrow from YouTube. We used this video, starting at 0:27 and stopping at 3:40)
  • Keep a cart or large box near your podium, which contains the following items, in this order:
    • A large, full-length picture or drawing of Jesus. (I scanned a drawing from a children’s Bible and enlarged it by 400%.) Affix magnet tape to the back of the picture.
    • A superhero emblem with a “J” in the middle. Affix magnet tape to the back of the emblem
    • A banner for your magnet board that says “Might Multiplier”, preferably printed in a superhero or comic book-type font. Affix magnet tape to the back of the banner.
    • A long piece of paper (6’ or so) with the words “Miracle = Something only God can do”. Roll it up and place a rubber band around it.
    • A lunchbox, packed with 5 small bread rolls (such as King’s Hawaiian) and 2 plastic fish

Jesus is My SuperheroEmcee Script (Note: I recommend that you print out the script, become very familiar with it, and mark key phrases/ideas with a highlighter. Make eye contact with your audience as much as possible and keep your presentation informal, rather than reading word for word. This will help keep children engaged.)

After your welcome and “housekeeping” types of announcements, open in a short prayer. Dear Jesus, each of these kids is precious to me. And they are also precious to you. I pray that this week will be filled not only with fun, but also lots of chances to learn more about you. Open our hearts to the things you want us to understand. Help us to listen. Amen.

Ask, Who are some super heroes that you know? Allow answers. (Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and Incredible Hulk would be good examples.) We know lots of superheroes from the movies and comic books.

Can I tell you a secret about those superheroes? Pause.

[stage whisper]: They’re not real.

[regular speaking voice]: Their stories are really interesting and it’s fun to watch the movies or read the comic books. But they are fiction.

Tonight, we’re going to talk about a superhero who IS real. [Hang the picture of Jesus on your magnet board.] Does anybody know who this is? Allow answers. That’s right, this is Jesus. The stories you hear this week will all be about Jesus. He was a real man who lived on earth for a while. He was God in human form. Jesus is a REAL superhero. [Place the superhero emblem on Jesus’ chest.]

Let’s stand up and sing about Jesus, our superhero. [Play the video or audio recording of “Jesus, You’re My Superhero.” Encourage the children to stand, clap, sing, and MOVE! You may want to work out choreography ahead of time and have a few kids or teens join you on stage. The audience will be more engaged when they see other kids leading and participating.]

After the song, ask children to be seated. Say, Jesus did lots of miracles while he was on earth. Does anybody know what a miracle is? Allow answers. Then, ask two volunteers to join you on stage. Have them unroll the “miracle” banner. Say, Let’s read this together. “A miracle is something only God can do.” [Side note to emcee: This is a great definition, taken directly from a Veggie Tales song!]

Remember those other superheroes we talked about earlier? Batman and Superman and the other ones you named? Can THEY do miracles? Allow answers. (Correct answer is, No.) What about magicians? Can THEY do miracles? Allow answers. (Correct answer is, No.)

No, because only God can do miracles. And remember, we said that Jesus is God in human form. So Jesus did miracles. He did AMAZING, UNBELIEVABLE things that really did happen.

Tonight’s miracle is…The Mighty Multiplier! Hang your Mighty Multiplier banner on the magnet board, directly above or below your picture of Jesus.

Hold up your lunchbox. Say, This is my lunch. Invite a volunteer to come and look inside your box. Ask your volunteer, Tell everybody what’s in here. Allow volunteer to speak into the microphone. Say, That’s right, I brought five of these rolls [hold one up] and two fish [hold them up.] (Except real fish can get stinky, so I brought these pretend ones for our lesson.)

How many people do you think I could feed with this lunch? Allow answers. Would you believe, Jesus fed FIVE THOUSAND people with this amount of food. That sounds like a miracle, doesn’t it? Let’s watch this video that tells all about it.

Play the video of Jesus feeding 5,000

Afterward, ask How many people did Jesus feed with that tiny lunch? Allow answers. He fed 5,000 people, didn’t he? Does that seem possible? Allow answers. Well, the Bible says “With God, ALL things are possible.” Can you say that with me? Have the children repeat the verse several times.

God still does miracles today. He does miracles through people who pray and trust Him. Guess what? YOU can be one of those people. Because with God… motion for the children to join you… “all things are possible!”

Dismiss, one group at a time, to the appropriate station.



3 thoughts on “Superhero VBS On A Budget: Emcee Script, The Mighty Multiplier

  1. Hi Jennifer. Is it possible to make the additional scripts for the lessons available for purchase & download? We’re doing a missions trip to an Indian reservation this summer & this looks like it would be a great fit! Thanks!

  2. Jennifer, I would be very interested in your scripts and lessons plans for your superhero VBS. We are doing an outreach mission in the city of Lancaster, PA this June> We would be willing to pay for materials that you can supply. Thank you so very much!

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