Superhero VBS On A Budget: Overview

My team and I sourced many ideas from Pinterest for our Superhero VBS. This begins a series of posts where I will share detailed information about our experience. 

Superhero Lib_revBible

When we follow God, He can do amazing things in us and through us.

Memory Verse

“With God all things are possible” (Matthew 19:26).


Our small church had a very limited budget for VBS. Many of our ideas came from Pinterest. We met for three nights, 6:30-8:15 p.m.

Each night, the entire group assembled for about 20 minutes for an Opening, where we taught the Bible story. Children were then divided into three groups by age. The rest of the evening, they rotated through Crafts, Recreation, and Mad Science. (About 20-25 minutes in each station.) During the last 15 minutes, we gathered in the fellowship hall, where kids ate a snack and the emcee chatted with them about key concepts from the evening.

Theming and Décor

Using cardboard boxes and black spray paint, we created a backdrop to look like a big city skyline similar to the one pictured above. We then ordered superhero wall decals from and attached them to our cityscape.

I downloaded several cool, comic book-type fonts from  Badaboom BB, Comic Book Fun, Fighting Spirit TBS, and the whole series of SF Comic Script fonts were so much fun to play with!

The children were separated into groups according to age. We bought blank name tags and printed comic book speech bubbles in the corners. (“Bam!” “Pow!” “Zap!”) Each group wore the same speech bubble. Each group also had its own name: Tremendous Transformations, Magnificent Miracles, and Dynamic Disciples.

In my next post, I will share my emcee scripts for each evening’s Opening.

[Update 6.30.15 The emcee script for the first night – “The Mighty Multiplier” – can be found here.]


14 thoughts on “Superhero VBS On A Budget: Overview

  1. I would love to have your emcee scripts and more specific notes 🙂 We are going to try the same theme in July. Thanks!

    1. Do you have scripts for each lesson. Would love to use for our vbs. We also have a small group.

  2. I would love to have them too. I am trying to put a Superhero VBS together for a small church in a few weeks who doesn’t have much of a budget. Thanks!

  3. Do you happen to have the rest of the scripts and details? I would love to do this VBS for our church this summer! Thanks!

  4. Thanks so much for sharing so many great ideas! Our church is planning on doing Superheroes for VBS this summer too. Could you pass on the other scripts as well?

  5. Could you please give me more details on your backdrop? I’d love to see pics of your actual backdrops. Send them by email, please. My email is ja_le83. We are going to be doing a Super Heroes if the Faith in June and I am Starting next week to do the backdrop and decorations.

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